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This script is aimed at compiling vim with minimal installation of CentOS with development tool and WebGUI: yum groupinstall "Development tools" yum install ncurses ncurses-de…
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Due to recently compatability issue of MATE Desktop, I swtiched back to Gnome. But I also added a Cinnamon Desktop. yum install epel-release -y yum groupinstall "Server with G…
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Basic Format grep -rl matchstring somedir/ | xargs sed -i 's/string1/string2/g' Note: The forward slash '/' delimiter in the sed argument could also be a different delimiter …
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Ok, this is the problem: if we need higher version of library in CentOS, how should we get it if it's not in any repository? So, after a long time study, I found the only …
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Source: tombkeeper Original link: Code #include int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR lpCmdLine, int…
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Calculating degeneracy @(QCT) nuclear degneracy: atom: data for nuclear spin number molecule: totoal degeneracy: for homonuclear molecule: antisymmetric, symmetric …
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测试一下混排   [fortran]program hello implicit none write(*,*) "hello" end program [/fortran]
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program hello,world implicit none write(*,*) "hello,world!" stop end program 引用 [fortran]read(*,*) x,y[/fortran] Finish 使用 WordPress for BlackBerry 发布。
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Phone with words 使用 WordPress for BlackBerry 发布。
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This post is used to test whether a post written by phone is available to be seen
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